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Full automatic toilet paper embossing rewinding perforating machine

Full automatic toilet paper embossing rewinding perforating machine


FJ-D automatic deburring gluing sealing rewinding and perforating machine is the economic and automatic rewinding machine, combined with the needs of our customers. The remote communication service system, which research and development independently, can monitor the operation of machinery at any time, and be equipped with the latest research and development of non-core rewinding roll forming system, enjoy a wide range of practicality.


Main features:

1. Advanced PLC computer programming technology is adopted, which makes the finished product in the rewinding process to achieve multi-stage and different tightness, thus to solve the problem of paper element loosen after long storage.

2. Stepless adjustment, each function can operate independently.

3. Artificial pipe placement (need not steel pipe), saves time and effort. A unique pipe placement device is used to save the depository of the ground, and reset and rewind immediately after complete rewinding.

4. Finished products rolling tension is adjusted to maintain the same diameter pneumatically and arbitrarily.

5. Precision spiral soft knife, with 2 blades, low noise, clearer perforation, and greater speed changing box adjustment range

6. Three layers horizontal unwinding stand, pneumatic wide belt paper feeding, each group has independent tension adjustment device

7. Using point to point embossing, pattern clear and beautiful, light weight, can be configured steel to steel embossing according to the needs of users.

8. The operation is simple, safe and practical.

Technical parameters:







width of body paper






outer diameter of body paper


inner diameter of body paper


parameter setting

human-computer interface

programmed controller



no embossing, single embossing, double embossing, steel to steel embossing (please select)

embossing bottom roll

coarse cotton roller, wool roller, rubber covered roller(please select)

max speed


production outer diameter



spiral 2 blades embossing knives

blank pressing

independent pneumatic type (need to order)

unreeling stand

1-3 layers

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