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2880 fourdrinier multi-cylinder cultural paper machine

2880 fourdrinier multi-cylinder cultural paper machine

A. technical parameters:

paper variety: the writing paper, the duplicating paper, the two-side offset paper.

product ration:                     50-100g/m2

net paper width:                  2880mm.

rail distance:                        3800mm

working speed:                    350m/min.

dynamic balance speed:       500m/min

drive speed:                         400m/min

designed output:                  100t/d

deives:                                  AC frequency sectional control

design standard:                  national standard export equipment


B. The main equipment:

1. Pulp-flowing box: It adopts open-type pulp-flowing box, consisting of pyramid tube, staircase diffuser, distributing roller and box body. Staircase diffusion orifice plate pulp distributor is three-stage diffusion, which made of organic glass and upper and lower lip plates made of stainless steel. The upper lip plates can do full and local adjustment is three-stage diffusion.

2. Fourdrinier part: Wire table is 18000mm. Except draw-out seat made of alumina alloy, table rack is all welded by section steel with 1.5mm stainless steel cladding. Wire part is mainly composed of chest roller, forming board, wire-driving plate, water scrapping board, moisture absorbing box, and vacuum water-absorbing box, vacuum roller, wire-driving roller, electrical wire-tighter, pneumatic corrector, constant-tension wire-tighter, incision needle and margin raising device.

3. Press part: It adopts vacuum absorption injection paper, one streak of vacuum pressing and three streaks of pressing.

4. Drying part: It is set 28 pieces of φ1500mm drying cylinders, including one φ3000mm big cylinder of array type, 6+6+8+1+glueing machine+8 driven by enclosed gear box and lubricated by sparse oil.

5. Driving and control part: It adopts AC frequency conversion speed, drive step by step. Hard tooth surface gear box connected by universal coupling is used, and entire digital closed circle control system is used.

6. Press-polishing and paper reeling: It adopts super press polishing machine and level paper reeling machine.

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